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About me

[fr/eng | isfp-t | 22 | she/her | 4 dec]hi! i am ai and i draw stuff!
i like animes/mangas, webtoons, video games and vtubers.
oh, and i really like oreapo and tempus!


- I will usually take around 1 week to 1 month to finish a commission. Feel free to ask for updates!
- No refunds. Please do not commission me if you are unsure!*
- Full payments must be made before I start working on the commission.
- Please provide visual references. I may refuse your request or charge more if you do not provide visuals.
- Only for personnal use. (meaning no profit)
- No major changes after the line art. Base colour can always be changed before the shading process.
- I will use ko-fi for the payments.
- Please message me if you're interested or if you have questions! (Twitter: @2matosoup Instagram: @2matosoup_) E-mail is also ok!
*Refunds only applicable if I cannot complete your request within time (1 month) and if I did not warn you first.

do's & don'ts

Humanoids (humans and kemonomimis)
Original characters/in-game characters/personas
Fanart (do remember you cannot make any profit from it)
✘ Old characters
✘ Animals/Monsters (I could try though!)
✘ Gore, mecha, nsfw, furry
✘ Muscular characters
**I maintain the right to turn down any request.

Bust-up $40

+ $10 for details
+1 character = +$30
Coloured sketch = $30
Halfbody = $55

Bust-up style B $15

MSPaint chibi/doodle chibi $5

a very simple chibi
3 chibis for $10

Chibi $20

details will be simplified
cell shading or soft shading
+1 character = +$20
simple/sketch chibi = $15

Emote $10 each

6 emotes = $55